Nanaimo RC Lasers

The Nanaimo RC Laser fleet is the largest one-design fleet on Vancouver Island.  A typical regatta sees 10-12 competitors on the water.  We sail on the waters in and around Nanaimo, British Columbia.



Photos: Bruce McQuade, Paul Kantor, Tim Daniel

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  1. The Cremation of #93

    There are strange things done in the midday sun,
    by those who sail for gold;
    The Nanaimo fleet are far from discreet
    Even more so when beer is sold;
    The Gallows Point lights have seen queer sights,
    But the queerest they ever did see
    Was the day of the race when Ken lost his pace
    And was pipped by speedy Tim D.
    (by John Vallis – apologies to Robert Service)

  2. Further to my last post …. Any one coming down that has a “spare” boat and willing to lend out for the day, I would like to ask a few interested people to come and try sailing. I am thinking the likes of Alex Fox, Alec Foley (has/had an IOM), Jeff Eckard and a few of Marsha’s business contacts … I may not sail in order to let others experience the thrill … maybe we can build a bigger Fleet down here!!!!

  3. I am keen to make contact with the Nanaimo RC Laser fleet. I will be visiting your great sailing waters in the near future and would like to coordinate my visit so that I can meet up and join you for some racing. I have just started sailing RC Lasers in Oakville Ontario.

  4. THIRST REGATTA – more epic poetry from our very own “JV”

    T’was the day of the regatta and through out Bob’s Bay,
    Twelve RCLasers set sail, all with their “A.”
    Dark clouds overhead and one on the dock,
    Both threatening to hit 04 with a sock!
    360’s were turned which caused some to tank
    So, Colin said he, should put some in the bank!
    Despite shifting winds, the racing was fast
    So Ang said, “Please, come share a repast.”
    We snacked on the deck and told some good lies
    But soon were back at it with the sun in our eyes!
    Thirty-six in the lead was in for a shock
    His keel fell off without hitting a rock!
    The chase boats were loaded for the long distance race
    It started quite slow but ended apace.
    Tim stayed well offshore and thought it was great
    But was debatably pipped by inshore fifty-eight!
    With both novelty and fleet, 15 races were run
    The bullets were shared all having some fun.
    We all had high hopes but sooner or later
    The trophy must go to the Paulinator!
    Newbies and old farts had a mighty fine day
    With thanks to our hosts there’s no more to say….


  5. Fall Series Day 1 and THIRST results are now on the Race Reports page. Sorry for the delay! BTW, in the Fall Series there was a minor addition error and it looks like Angie was on the podium in third place in the fall series, displacing Doug to 4th. Well done Ang!

  6. 4 hardy souls made it to the start line on January 14th. The sun was out, the winds were light and the current was moderate, but we managed 8 races, with everyone present winning at least one race. After the results were tallied, 80 came out on top with 01 only two points behind. A tie breaker was needed for 55 and 04, and 55 got the better end of that with two bullets to 04’s single.

  7. The wind and current gods found only two RC Laser sailors worthy yesterday at the Great Ocean Race. Colin McGruer with driver Marsha were second, but the big winner was our much loved and awesome Angie Serenius with Sandy driving! Angie stepped out in front right at the start and just kept extending her lead all the way to the channel between Newcastle and Protection. It looked for a while like 2 or 3 boats might be able to close the gap, but it was not to be so. Only Colin escaped the clutches of the current and light winds to challenge Angie near the finish, but in the end it wasn’t even very close. A very popular victory indeed! As an side note, three previous winners were over early and more or less put themselves out of contention, such is the competitive spirit of this fleet!

  8. “Spirit of Graham” (aka 90) wins Graham Millington Mug

    It’s hard to explain
    When it’s pouring rain
    That sailors would be so bold
    As to sit for hours
    In zephyrs and showers
    For a chance at a cup of gold

    There was Simon for Tim,
    Bob with Jim
    Don with George,
    Doug, other George
    Bill with John,
    and Bill and Ron
    Chris with Tom,
    Then Bill came along.

    Colin and Marsha were hiding,
    Sandy and Ange were biding…
    Then HONK!
    Some over earlies we’re told.

    With time running short
    Most the fleet did abort
    To the pub where the beer was cold
    All their skills they did tap
    To get through The Gap
    Colin got silver and Angie gold.

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